Worker Refresher Course Exam Quiz

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  1. Hair, facial scars, and dentures are factors affecting:1
  2. AHERA regulations cover:1
  3. Surfactants are added to water which is used to spray asbestos so that the:1
  4. The _____ offers the MOST protection.1
  5. Eating, drinking, smoking, chewing (gum or tobacco) or applying cosmetics is only permitted:1
  6. Your employer gives you a half-face respirator. OSHA says you may require your employer to give you a better respirator. What respirator can you ask for?1
  7. After putting on a respirator and BEFORE entering the work area, a worker should:1
  8. When inspecting a half-facepiece negative pressure air-purifying respirator, you do NOT need to check for defects in the:1
  9. Asbestos-related diseases usually occur:1
  10. The OSHA standard for the PEL over an 8-hour time weighted period is:1
  11. If there is only one negative air machine in a containment area, the best place to put the machine is:1
  12. Which of the following statements is correct?1
  13. Showers used on an asbestos job:1
  14. To avoid the risk of electrical shock, you should:1
  15. Asbestos is most dangerous when it is:1
  16. Wetting asbestos before removal:1
  17. Air sampling is conducted to1
  18. In the diagram, area labeled “B” is the:1

  19. In the diagram, the shower is located in the area labeled:1

  20. Heat stress can be avoided on asbestos jobs by:1
  21. If fiber levels on an asbestos job are greater than 1.0 f/cc, which CANNOT be worn?1
  22. Smoking:1
  23. According to OSHA, negative air pressure is required:1
  24. Aggressive air sampling is:1
  25. The following material(s) are treated as contaminated:1
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