Asbestos Management Planner Refresher FL Course # 0006383

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The 4-hour Asbestos  Management Planner Refresher course satisfies recertification training requirements for the state of Florida. The course material is designed to give participants a thorough overview of issues and concerns related asbestos. Topics include: evaluation & interpretation of survey results, hazard assessment & response actions, developing and implementing an Operations & Maintenance plan and an analysis of key State and Federal asbestos regulations.

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5. When you complete your exam at the end of the course, a digital certificate will be issued which you can print for your records. If you need a copy printed for you please contact our office and we will arrange to mail one to the address provided


MP Lesson 6 – Role of Other Professionals

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: Team RetraComplexity: Standard

This section provides information on the need to involve other professionals in the development of an asbestos management control program and to recognize the specific contributions other professionals can make…

MP Lesson 8 – Regulatory Overview

Length: 13 minutesAuthor: Team RetraComplexity: Standard

The purpose of this section is to understand the various regulations which may have an effect on Management Planners, to become aware of the requirements of the U.S. EPA Worker…

Management Planner Refresher Course Exam

Author: Team RetraComplexity: Standard

Congratulations on completing all of the lessons. The final step is to complete the exam.  Please answer all questions.  You must correctly answer 70% to complete the course.  You may…